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Will Your Car Accident Case Go to Court? Miami Car Accident Lawyer

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Miami Car Accident Lawyer News: When people injured in a traffic accident talk to a lawyer about recovering damages for their injuries, they are presented with options. They can file a lawsuit as a strategy of forcing a settlement. They can directly enter settlement talks without actually filing a lawsuit. Or they can file a lawsuit with the intent of taking the matter to trial. These decisions depend upon the attorneys involved, the circumstances of the accident, and the amount of damages suffered, among other factors that often are personal. Even then, people who file lawsuits for damages suffered in a traffic accident may fully intend to take their case to trial, but not do so. So the question is, if you are involved in a traffic accident, will your case go to court?

According to federal statistics, the answer is “probably not.” According to a Department of Justice study, approximately 4 percent of all tort cases were decided at trial, either before a judge or a jury. Because a significant number of tort cases, which largely involve personal injuries, arise from traffic accidents, that percentage of tort cases decided at trial is generally extended to traffic injury cases, as well.

Lots of Things Can Happen in a Traffic Injury Lawsuit

Way back in the 1960s, the late University of Texas football coach Darrell Royal popularized a saying that generally is credited, including by Royal, as originally said by the late Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes: Three things can happen when you throw a pass, and two of them are bad. For non-football fans, the bad things are an incomplete pass and an interception. Unfortunately, car accident cases face similar potential results – there are more than three possible outcomes for a lawsuit seeking damages from a traffic accident, but several of them are bad.

Will Your Car Accident Case Go to Court - Miami Car Accident Lawyers

Will Your Car Accident Case Go to Court – Miami Car Accident Lawyers

Of course, there are degrees of bad. Your case might settle, and you could get a large amount of money or a small amount of money. Your case could go to court, and you could lose at trial, the judge could throw out your case as unfounded, or you could win. Even then, you could get more money than you expect – or less.

Not going to trial is not necessarily bad. Settling your case keeps expenses down, it brings you money for your injuries more quickly and does not necessarily bring you a lesser amount of money. Because you have damages, likely including medical bills, missed work, and other expenses, money sooner can be better than more money later. And because going to trial includes the possibility of losing, perhaps you should listen to Darrell Royal – or Woody Hayes. The one certain thing is, going to trial takes longer and costs more. Is that the route for you?

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