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What To Do After A Car Accident: The Complete Guide On Winning Your Case

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You are at the scene of a car accident, You are probably hurt, and there are other parties involved too. What do you need to do immediately? Should you call the police first? Should you call your insurance company? Or Should you call an auto accident lawyer in Miami?
In such a legally complicated situation as an accident, making the right move will be the big difference between compensation and getting nothing

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to make your case watertight if you’re ever involved in a road accident.

Seek Medical Attention

Injuries from auto accidents can be severe. Therefore, medical attention is critical. Victims should not wait to seek treatment, or they will increase the risk of further injury. Seeking immediate medical assistance will also help the injured person recover faster, thus saving money on future expensive hospital bills that might face them.

Call The Police

Not only will this give you legal proof that a car accident happened, but it also protects your rights as an auto accident victim in Miami. The officer at the auto accident scene should document and photograph any evidence about who was driving or signs of intoxication involved. You may want to ask for copies when they’re done with their investigation so that you can use them later on if needed.

Stay At The Accident Scene

If you’re not injured, stay at the scene for the police to issue you with a report. Victims use this report to seek compensation for vehicles and injuries. If any charges are being pressed against other involved drivers, such as DUI(Driving Under Influence), or reckless driving, staying at the scene can help your case when it’s time to sue them.

Be Careful About Anything That You Say

You should not admit any liability. Instead, say “I don’t know” or “no comment.”
Do not try to leave the scene before the police arrive. If they want a statement, they will ask for one.

Do Not Remove Anything From The Scene

Do not remove anything from the scene or try to drive your car if it’s damaged – this may invalidate any insurance coverage you have on your vehicle.

Get Information Of The Other Driver(s) Involved

Get the information of other drivers involved to notify their insurers. Some physical pieces of evidence that may help you include: visible damages- scratches or dents on cars, broken signal lights, skid marks from tires being squished against a curb/sidewalk ( usually an indicator of how fast someone was going).

Seek The Services Of A Proficient Personal Injury Lawyer

You should contact an attorney as soon as possible. They are an excellent resource for the next course of action. Insurance companies will not negotiate( mostly, they will try to underpay you) with you if they know that you’ve already consulted a lawyer.

Essentially, getting legal help before talking to anyone else can help you get compensation from the responsible party and prevent future issues that may arise(i.e., dealing with bill collectors).

If there were injuries or significant property damage, it might also be wise to consult legal counsel ASAP not to delay compensation.

We hope this guide has helped you understand the steps to take after a car accident – it’s vital to stay involved throughout your case so as to not lose your legal protection. Visit us at to learn more about our PI services.

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