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Traumatic Brain Injuries Can Result in Millions of Dollars in Losses

Traumatic Brain Injuries - Miami Personal Injury Attorney

Traumatic brain injuries are no small matter. Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, are classified as mild or severe, but even a mild TBI can have long-term effects. This is especially true when the victims aren’t treated properly because they seem to be okay. A mild TBI often has no lasting consequences but may keep a person out of work or school for a few weeks or months. However, severe TBIs can have life-altering impacts that lead to the need for intense medical care for the rest of your life. It makes sense, of course – the brain is the control center for the body. If the control center gets damaged, virtually any function anywhere in the body can potentially be affected, from balance to speech to the ability to move.

Unfortunately, you can suffer TBIs, mild or severe, in so many everyday activities. Playing sports, at any level, results in many blows to the head, resulting in concussions mild and severe alike. Certainly, participation in sports is a major driver of TBIs – and yes, concussions definitely count – but another everyday activity is an even more common cause of TBIs. That would be driving. While accidents of all kinds can lead to TBIs, traffic accidents are a leading cause of TBIs. Because of the powerful forces involved in traffic accidents, such TBIs have a tendency to be more severe than run-of-the-mill sports injuries. A concussion from a soccer or football game is no joke, but it can’t compare to a severe concussion, fractured skull, or brain penetration of the kind often suffered in traffic accidents.

Traumatic Brain Injuries - Miami Personal Injury Attorneys

Traumatic Brain Injuries – Miami Personal Injury Attorneys

More than 150 people die every day because of TBIs. Thousands more are injured. Severe  TBIs,  which involve losing consciousness for at least a half-hour and some memory loss after the injury, can result in damage to higher-order brain functions leading to a coma, paralysis, impaired speech, memory loss, loss of the ability to focus, and emotional problems. Such losses of function can require years of treatment, even life-long medical care. Such care can be extremely expensive, even in the short term. Life-long care obviously can easily amount to millions of dollars, a fact well known by personal injury attorney in Miami. Falls are the leading cause of TBIs, but traffic accidents are the number three leading cause of TBIs. The more powerful forces involved in traffic accidents tend to result in more severe TBIs.

If You Have Suffered a TBI, Contact a Miami Personal Injury Attorney

Whether you suffered a TBI on the athletic field, in a fall, or as the result of a traffic accident, if you have incurred a traumatic brain injury, you should talk to a Miami personal injury attorney to learn about your options are for recovering damages. Particularly in the case of a severe TBI, where your medical care can easily rise to astronomical costs, you need to talk to someone knowledgeable to determine if you might be able to recover compensation. Contact Flagler Personal Injury Group at (305) 424-8445 or through our online contact form. Flagler Personal Injury Group works with clients throughout the greater Miami area.

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