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Three Premises Liability Myths Debunked

Three Premises Liability Myths Debunked - Miami Slip and Fall Lawyer

No one understands how much being injured on someone else’s property can hurt more than a Miami slip and fall lawyer. Not only does it cause pain and suffering, but it also causes mental anguish, and it can impact your ability to work and can result in extensive medical bills and lost wages.

We’ve found it’s not uncommon for people to assume there simply isn’t much they can do if they sustain an injury on property belonging to someone else. That’s because there are many myths surrounding premises liability, and these myths can make victims think they don’t have options. However, that is simply not the case.

To help clear up the myths surrounding premises liability, our Miami personal injury lawyer presents three of the most common misconceptions.

Accidents Only Occur Indoors

Three Premises Liability Myths Debunked - Miami Slip and Fall Lawyer Miami

Three Premises Liability Myths Debunked – Miami Slip and Fall Lawyer Miami

Individuals who own shops, hotels, and other types of business properties often assume that accidents only happen inside and that the interiors of their businesses are the only spaces they need to ensure are safe, but this is simply not true. Those who rent and own commercial property are responsible for outdoor areas, including the entryways to their locales, parking facilities, driveways, and, in some cases, the sidewalks around their property.

Should an accident occur, such as a slip and fall, and a thirty party sustains an injury in any of these exterior areas, the owner of the commercial property is still liable for the damages. As such, they can be held responsible for paying any medical costs or repairing any third-party property damage. Additionally, legal action can be taken against them for incidents that occur on exterior grounds.

Premises Liability Only Pertains to Slips and Falls

While it is true that many premises liability claims made in the city of Miami and the state of Florida are related to slips and falls, these aren’t the only accidents that fall under premises liability.

For example, an assault that occurs on your property or an accident that happens as a result of a piece of scaffolding that falls off your building is also grounds for someone to file a premises liability claim against you. Though most premises liability claims are related to slips and falls, they can be related to any type of accident or injury that occurs on your property.

It Isn’t Necessary to File a Claim

Three Premises Liability Myths Debunked - Miami Slip and Fall Lawyer in Miami FL

Three Premises Liability Myths Debunked – Miami Slip and Fall Lawyer in Miami FL

All too often, our Miami personal injury attorney speaks to people who think that filing a premises liability claim isn’t necessary. They think the injuries they sustained aren’t bad enough to warrant a claim, that the accident that occurred wasn’t the fault of the property owner, or that filing a claim won’t do them any good. Frequently, that’s not the case.

Your injuries may be much more serious than you think—they might require extensive medical care and rehabilitation or you may never heal from them completely. For instance, you may believe that tripping over a wire you didn’t see at someone’s place of business was your fault, but it’s up to the business owner to ensure the safety of their premises, and if that wire wasn’t left out, the accident wouldn’t have happened. While legal proceedings can be complex and time consuming, filing a claim can certainly be in your best interest.

If you have suffered an accident on someone else’s property, contact our Miami personal injury attorney as soon as possible.