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Suffering from PTSD After a Car Accident – Call a Miami Car Accident Lawyer

Suffering from PTSD After a Car Accident - Call a Miami Car Accident Lawyer

Over the past few years, the traumas endured by soldiers during combat have gained more media attention and exposure. The term ‘post traumatic stress disorder’ is now well-known and something that many people are familiar with.

However, the condition does not just affect soldiers and is something that anyone can suffer from, as a result of upsetting and traumatizing experiences. One such example is a car crash, which can be incredibly frightening and leave not just physical scars, but enduring psychological ones as well.

When pursuing a legal case following a car accident, it is important that you consider these psychological implications and that you discuss the topic with a Miami car accident lawyer. It could be relevant to your case and contribute to greater compensation.

PTSD - Miami Car Accident Lawyer

PTSD – Miami Car Accident Lawyer

What is PTSD

PTSD is a form of anxiety disorder that is brought on by a single traumatic event or by a series of such events. While your Miami car accident lawyer will be better able to help you identify and diagnose the condition, there are several symptoms that are common and that can help you to recognize PTSD yourself.

The most well-known of these symptoms is the occurrence of flashbacks. It is common for sufferers to relive their experiences in vivid detail, often without warning and often in such a realistic manner that it can manifest a physical reaction. Other symptoms include depression, general anxiety, nervous tension and ‘hyperarousal’. Avoidance behavior is also common, which may include in this case a reluctance to get into a car.

From a biological perspective, PTSD is caused by the huge release of neurotransmitters and hormones during these traumatic events, resulting in more permanent connections being formed in the brain. This is similar to the way that a ‘flashbulb memory’ works: essentially the brain uses extra effort to record information that it sees as crucial to your survival.

Treatment Options

There are many treatment options for PTSD including CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and the use of medications such as benzodiazepines to try and suppress the flashbacks and to reduce tension & stress.

Miami Car Accident Lawyer - Suffering from PTSD After a Car Accident

Miami Car Accident Lawyer – Suffering from PTSD After a Car Accident

This is also important for a car accident attorney in Miami to be aware of because medications can have huge, life-changing impacts on their users. Not only do they pose new financial strains, but they may also have side effects that can cause the user other unpleasant symptoms. With more indirect effects on the individual’s lifestyle, the potential for compensation may increase.

CBT meanwhile involves looking at the way you think about past events and trying to shape this impression. Exposure therapy is another option.

Whenever considering an accident, it is important to think not only about the event itself but also the myriad of lasting implications it can have on your lifestyle. It is highly recommended that anyone suffering from PTSD seek out professional medical treatment, as well as the consult of a Miami car accident lawyer.

At Flagler Personal Injury Group, we have dealt with countless cases of car accidents and helped clients to get compensation not only for the damage done to their vehicle but also for the many complications that may follow – including PTSD & it’s treatment

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