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Suffering from Chronic Pain Due to an Accident?

Suffering from Chronic Pain Due to an Accident - Miami Car Accident Attorney

Pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle accidents are terrifying experiences that can kill and disable their victims. Those who survive the terrifying ordeal of a vehicle accident are left dealing with unexpected expenses related to a loss of income or medical costs.

If you’re involved in a vehicle accident that has left you with chronic pain as a result of your injuries, call our Miami car accident attorney. An attorney can help you claim the compensation you deserve for the medical treatment and care you need to manage your pain.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) defines chronic pain as a persistent source of pain that lasts for longer than a 12-week period. Chronic pain does not go away without treatment, and in some cases, the pain could intensify if left untreated.

The Causes of Chronic Pain

The initial pain felt by injuries sustained in a vehicle accident may be acute, but the majority will subside in a few hours with medical treatment. However, chronic pain persists for months or years after sustaining an injury due to severe long-term damage to joints, bones and organs.

Other health issues typically accompany chronic pain. Fatigue, a decreased appetite, changes in mood, and sleep disturbances or insomnia are all common secondary health issues associated with chronic pain.

The loss of physical function and movement due to the effects of chronic pain can leave some individuals with high levels of anxiety or stress because they no longer have the same quality of life.

The Effects of Chronic Pain Differ Between Individuals

Suffering from Chronic Pain Due to an Accident - Miami Car Accident Lawyer

Suffering from Chronic Pain Due to an Accident – Miami Car Accident Lawyer

There is no one set of guidelines to determine levels of chronic pain experienced by individuals living with the condition. People have different pain thresholds, so one patient might consider the pain severe while to another, it might be barely noticeable.

A medical professional will assess your pain tolerance level and take a history of your condition to gain an understanding of how it impacts your life. The physician then makes their recommendations for treatment based on your personal experience, not a general guideline for pain management.

It is vital for people living with chronic pain to communicate with their doctor and give regular feedback on their experience with treatment. If you do not talk to anyone, no one will know what is wrong with you. Speak openly and honestly with your doctor during your consultation and follow-up sessions.

Treating Chronic Pain

Medical science cannot always cure chronic pain, but the condition can be managed using physical therapy, meditation techniques, and medication. Combining these strategies allows people living with chronic pain to continue with their daily lives and achieve the best quality of life possible.

Common methods used to manage chronic pain are:

  • Acupuncture
  • Nerve blocks
  • Medications
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Surgery
  • Behavior modification
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Psychotherapy

Managing Chronic Pain

Self-management pain strategies are the best-recognized course of treatment available to help you cope with the effects of chronic pain. Individuals who are active in the treatment and management of their condition experience the best results from therapy and medication.

Self-management strategies include actively engaging in pain management, improving decision-making, and incorporating problem-solving skills. The individual experiencing chronic pain must relearn how to think, feel, and communicate with their condition.

It’s All Up to You

Suffering from Chronic Pain Due to an Accident - Car Accident Attorney

Suffering from Chronic Pain Due to an Accident – Car Accident Attorney

A Miami car accident lawyer will provide the legal support you need to build your case against the individuals at fault for your condition. However, you need to surround yourself with support to help you cope with the effects of managing chronic pain in your daily life, as well.

Therapy and medications prescribed by medical professionals can help you cope, but no one can genuinely ever understand your perspective on your condition. Dealing with chronic pain is a daily battle that requires persistence and dedication on your part to continue your treatment and pain reduction management therapy.

Dealing with pain all the time can be a psychologically damaging experience that results in depression and a decreased quality of life. Seek support from friends and family members wherever you can.

Consult With a Miami Personal Injury Attorney

No one deserves to deal with chronic pain every day as a result of someone else’s negligence. Contact a reputable law firm and speak to a car accident lawyer in Miami about a claim against the individuals responsible for your vehicle accident.

A court can agree with your case and award you damages that cover treatment for your condition and any loss of income resulting from your inability to perform at work due to the symptoms of chronic pain.

We handle a variety of cases, so call us now if you have any questions.

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