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Steps To Take After An Accident

Steps To Take After An Accident

Are you a victim of an accident and you feel you are entitled to compensation? Hiring a Miami accident lawyer can help in this case.  If you don’t know where to start from, then you’re on the right page. There are some essential steps you need to take when you’re involved in an accident. Such steps will help you get your entitled compensation. So, what are they? They include:

Take Pictures Of The Accident Scene

Immediately after the accident, if you’re not too injured and have your smartphone with you, you should take pictures of the scene. The pictures should be taken from different angles. Besides the scene, you should also take photos of your car and the other person’s car. If you’re injured, you should take a picture of the injury as well. If your injury is critical and you can’t snap photos, let people closeby do it for you. The photos will be part of the evidence your attorney will present to get your compensation. 

Collect Evidence

Your next line of action is to collect evidence. Among the evidence you need is the name of the other person’s vehicle, their plate number, the name of the person, their address, phone number, and police report. More so, you should also take note of what the other person says following the accident. 

Obtain Contact Information Of Witness

If there are people around who saw how the accident occurred, you should endeavor to speak to them. You should collect their contact, including their phone number and address. They can stand as a witness for you in the court of law. That will further buttress your point and convince the jury that you’re the victim and entitled to be compensated. 

Take Note Of How The Accident Affects Your Productivity At Work

It is important to note down the tasks you cannot complete due to the accident injury. More so, if you can’t go to work because of the injury sustained, you should also keep track of the number of days you missed work due to pain. 

Make Photocopies Of Your Bills

Were you at the hospital to seek treatment for your injury? Did you take your vehicle to a mechanic? If your answer to these questions is yes, you should make copies of all the bills. It doesn’t matter whether your insurance company covers the payments; you still should make copies of those bills. They’ll be useful for your attorney as part of their evidence. If the attorney needs the original document, endeavor to keep a copy for yourself. 

Hire An Experienced Attorney

Your next move should be to hire an experienced attorney. The attorney will gather all the evidence and build a strong case against the other person. 

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