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Seven Common Nursing Home Abuse Cases – Personal Injury Attorney in Miami News

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Seven Common Nursing Home Abuse Cases - Personal Injury Attorney in Miami News

Like any home, a nursing home is a haven for your loved one. A nursing home ensures that they continue to receive the care, if not more, that they would feel from their regular family. To add to that, they gain friends and create significant relationships with their fellow elderly brothers and sisters.

However, underneath these senior paradises, a grim reality unfolds. For years, Florida has had a history of nursing home abuse cases. More than 2 million cases have already been reported. This means 1 in every 10 elderly residents will experience some form of abuse while staying in a nursing home.

What You Can Do About It

Personal Injury Attorney in Miami News - Seven Common Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Personal Injury Attorney in Miami News – Seven Common Nursing Home Abuse Cases

A nursing home is responsible for providing care for its residents. In fact, it is their main responsibility to ensure that their residents and cared for. When a nursing home fails to perform that responsibility, it can be considered a violation of civil or criminal law in Florida. If your local nursing home has cases of nursing home abuse, you can contact a Miami nursing home abuse attorney to find out what legal action you can take.

Knowing the most common nursing home abuse cases can aid in noticing the warning signs of abuse. Abuse can happen subtly if you don’t know how to identify it. If you have noticed any signs of abuse in a nursing home, consult with a nursing home abuse lawyer in Miami immediately to know the steps you can take.

Here are the 7 most common nursing home abuse cases in Florida:

  1. Neglect

This is the most usual form of abuse in nursing homes. Nursing home employees often try to cut corners, resulting in a lack of attention given to residents’ needs. Neglect can take form through inadequate or absence of food and nutrition, lack of basic hygiene given, and the lack or absence of medical care.

  1. Emotional Abuse

Abuse can also take form through negative feedback. Employees who become irritable and impatient may call some resident names. There have even been cases of caregivers intimidating residents and threatening them. This is a tactic used by nursing home employees to scare residents into not asking for any assistance, lessening their workload.

  1. Physical Abuse

Physical abuse can take many forms. An employee might deliberately hurt, hit, or push a resident. They might also be rough while assisting them in everyday tasks. Some caregivers might even refuse to physically support or give medication to a resident, resulting in severe injuries and illness. In other cases, caregivers will include extra dosages in residents’ medication to poison them.

It is important to keep in mind that physical abuse coincides with emotional abuse. A resident may then feel fear to raise concern. Be on the lookout for any cuts, bruises, or broken bones on your loved one for signs of physical abuse.

  1. Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is one of the most common cases of abuse in nursing homes. Be on the lookout for head trauma, extreme emotional changes, or contracted infections. These are common signs of sexual abuse. Do not be afraid to ask your loved one if they have experienced this from a nursing home employee.

  1. Financial Exploitation

While caregivers are supposed to be on the lookout for their residents’ best interests, they can also become their worst enemies. Employees might refuse to purchase daily care items or inappropriately access residents’ financial records.     Overcharges and questionable purchases in billings are more common than you think.

  1. Physical Isolation

This can be either intentional or a form of neglect. Elders who lack interaction can become depressed. Employees could deny residents’ their right to contact or allow family to visit. Some even refuse to take them on walks or allow them outside.

  1. Emotional Isolation
Personal Injury Attorney in Miami - Seven Common Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Personal Injury Attorney in Miami – Seven Common Nursing Home Abuse Cases

This can coincide with physical isolation. Some employees may deliberately ignore residents. Often, caregivers can forget about residents’ emotional needs. This too can take a toll on resident’s health.

Caring for seniors requires more care than what a typical adult requires. Your loved one has more serious or unique physical and mental needs that need immediate attention. When a home stops feeling like one, in the case of a nursing home, it can mean negligence under the law. In worst cases, this can bring criminal charges.

Having a qualified personal injury attorney in Miami can protect your loved one from experiencing this kind of pain and suffering. Talk to a personal injury lawyer in Miami today to talk about what you can do when your loved one is being abused in the place where he or she should be feeling safe and protected.

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