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Negligent Security Attorney in Miami

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Negligent Security Attorney in Miami - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL

Negligent Security Attorney in Miami

Have you been injured and feel that negligent security is to blame? Most people do not realize they have the ability to file a negligent security claim, which occurs when  inadequate security measures were the reason for someone’s personal injury. You have a negligent security claim if it can be proven that the security provider—which can be at a public venue, such as a shopping mall or a building complex—knew of the potential for a crime to occur and did not provide adequate security measures for crime prevention. Injuries incurred in a negligent security case can be severe and lead to injuries that affect you for the rest of your life, both mentally and physically.


Negligent Security Attorney in Miami - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami

Negligent Security Attorney in Miami – Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami

Our negligent security attorneys in Miami represent clients injured in the following locations, just to name a few:

  • Parking lots
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Convenience stores
  • Hotels and motels
  • Gas stations
  • Apartment buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • Nursing homes
  • Public housing
  • Parks
  • Nightclubs
  • Strip malls
  • Cruise ships
  • ATMs
  • Sports stadiums
  • Theme parks
  • Hospitals
  • Concerts
  • Gated communities
  • Condominium associations
  • Casinos


Below we will discuss how negligent security claims work, including how to know when you have a potential case. Set up a consultation with our Miami negligent security lawyer if you have been injured as a result of inadequate security.


Negligent Security Caught on Camera


Negligent Security Attorney in Miami - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami Florida

Negligent Security Attorney in Miami – Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami Florida

Modern technology, in the form of security cameras, has added an entirely new aspect to both injury cases and crime prevention. If you are injured due to a crime in a public place, such as a park, a shopping mall, a security complex, a nightclub, or a bar, then it is likely that the offense was caught on camera. Security cameras are a big help in negligent security injury cases because they prove the events exactly as they happened.


It is important to think of cameras as a part of a larger security system, and when cameras and the security system do not do their jobs to prevent a crime, it is likely that you have a negligent security claim against the security provider. Our personal injury attorney in Miami can advise you on the size of your claim, including what you should do to proceed.


The Basis of a Negligent Security Claim


Broken Lock

Negligent Security Attorney in Miami – Personal Injury Lawyer

The basis on which a personal injury claim against a person or business rests is the fact that they knew about the possibility of the crime occurring in the first place and did not take the necessary precautions to prevent the crime from happening. This can be extended to any aspect of the security system that did not work to protect you as it should. This can include a lack of security guards, and this can also go as far as to include insufficient response times from security companies who did not act as they should have. Just remember, a negligent security claim can include any security feature that did not work as it should have.


Covered Crimes


What kinds of crimes are included when it comes to personal injury claims due to negligent security? The range of preventable and foreseeable crimes that could result in someone being injured is vast, and it can include public robberies and shootings; hijackings and muggings; a lack of security action when the situation warrants; break-ins at public locations where you were expected to be safe, such as hotel rooms; bar fights that could have been prevented by the management in question; and landlords that should have provided adequate security for their tenants from the time they entered into their contract.


The main element behind a negligent security crime is the fact that the crime should have been foreseeable and preventable by those responsible for the security system. If you have sustained injury as the victim of a crime that happened as a direct result of inadequate security features, especially in public, then our Miami personal injury attorney can help you build your case and ensure you get the justice that you deserve.


Negligent Security for Public and Private Property


Claims of negligent security can happen on both public and private property, and they can be made against anyone responsible for providing adequate security to ensure the safety of patrons or visitors but did not. Sometimes this refers to a landlord who did not provide adequate security for their tenants, other times this can refer to public venues, such as clubs, bars, and restaurants where adequate security should have been provided to customers. This can also include other public events, such as concerts, where crime is known to be rife but venues and security operators should have been well prepared for the occurrence. It can also stretch as far as to include any public area where it can be assumed that your safety should have been guaranteed, such as going on a cruise ship where proper surveillance and security patrol should have been a given.


If you have been injured either in public or in private due to someone else’s negligence, you have a claim and a strong case already. Our Miami personal injury attorney will help you work on the strength of your case and tell you just how you should approach it to ensure you get the maximum return for the pain and suffering you have endured.


Examples of Injuries Sustained


The injuries you sustain as a direct result of negligent security can affect you for weeks or months at a time, and it can go on to affect every single aspect of your life. Many who have been through a traumatic event, such as a crime or robbery, find that they experience severe post-traumatic stress disorder after the event, making it hard to move on with their lives. There is also the potential of physical injuries that can occur as a result of negligent security, affecting the rest of your life in a negative way. There is also property loss and damage that occur as a result of negligent security, for which you should also be able to file a claim.


Nobody should suffer as a victim. If you have been affected by negligent security in any manner, you should consult our injury law office in Miami to help you present your case—and get justice.

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