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Miami Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

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Miami Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Miami Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Getting your first job meant taking your first steps towards becoming a more responsible person. Building your career is challenging work, especially when you’re doing it for your loved ones. So, when you get into an accident or are injured while putting in that hard work, it can be heartbreaking.


Every industry is exposed to its own dangers and hazards. Most companies make it their priority to ensure that their workers are well-protected, and safety is a priority. However, despite numerous government regulations and oversight agencies, job sites continue to be a dangerous environment for millions of hardworking Americans.


Industries With the Most Workplace Injuries


According to statistics, these jobs have the most frequent workplace injuries:


  • Construction laborers (especially those who frequently encounter dangerous equipment, power tools, and work from elevations)
  • Truck drivers, who face road hazards daily
  • Electrical power line installers and repairers (especially those who deal with high voltage electricity at extreme heights)
  • Iron and steel workers, who frequently deal with hot metals and heavy materials
  • Roofers, who work from extreme heights and in intense heat
  • Recyclable material collectors, who frequently handle hazardous materials, heavy equipment, and deal with traffic hazards daily
  • Loggers, who work in steep landscapes with sharp cutting equipment
  • Miners and natural gas production workers, who work with hazardous materials and heavy equipment
  • Farmers and ranchers, who handle daily equipment and large animals
  • Fishing workers, who frequent against sea disturbances, handle heavy equipment, and are at elevated risk of drowning


Remedy Through Worker’s Compensation



Workers’ Compensation Lawyers – Miami

Employees in any situation, may it be a warehouse worker or an office worker; can still become temporarily or permanently disabled through occupational diseases or accidents. Being aware of the possible hazards workers can be exposed to, companies make sure to have their employees protected and insured in case injuries or accidents occur.


Florida has a no-fault system of workers’ compensation, and it is considered the remedy for on-the-job injuries and accidents. Almost all employees in Florida are covered by workers’ compensation. The general rule is, any employer with four or more workers is obligated to provide insurance coverage to those individuals in case of injuries sustained while working on-the-job. This covers employees from their first day at work throughout their entire employment.


If you or your loved one have recently been injured at work, it is important to report the incident as soon as possible. This will signal the company to act immediately and conduct the necessary investigations to evaluate your claims. By this time, consider contacting a personal injury attorney in Miami to guide you through this process.


So, What Do I Get?


Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Miami

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Miami

Not all employees are aware of the benefits they’re entitled to. Much worse, some don’t report the incident at all from fear of being held responsible for any damages. Keep in mind that it is your company’s responsibility to take care of you. Your Miami personal injury lawyer will make it clear to you the scope of compensation that you may receive. This amount will depend on the severity of your case. By law, you are entitled to any, if not all, of these benefits:


  • Medical care (doctor’s visit, medical tests, physical therapy, prescription drugs, medical treatments, and hospitalization)
  • Temporary disability benefits (total or partial disability)
  • Permanent total disability benefits
  • Impairment benefits
  • Death benefits



To get these benefits, you will need to file a worker’s compensation claim. Some employees find this process time-consuming, and companies often attempt to lowball the amount of compensation that you should be receiving.


Even worse, some never get compensated at all. It’s important to understand the steps one needs to take to receive their well-deserved compensation benefits. You can consult with a Miami workers’ compensation lawyer to guide you.


How To File Your Workers’ Compensation Claim in Miami


Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Miami FL

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Miami FL

In the event of an injury or an illness, an employee must report the incident to their employer within 30 days. But, this is still separate from your actual workers’ compensation claim. From the date of your injury or illness, you have 2 years to officially file your workers’ compensation claim. However, it is advisable to always do so far in advance, especially when you are in a situation where you may not be able to work for a long time and medical bills are already accumulating.


Filing your claim and report will involve the following:

  • Location where the injury or incident took place
  • Time when the incident took place
  • Cause of injury
  • Names of possible witnesses
  • Medical evaluation


The medical provider for your evaluation is commonly chosen by your employer. In some cases, your insurance provider will also require you to undergo an independent medical exam. However, keep in mind that the doctors recommended by your insurance provider are normally on the payroll of the insurance company themselves.


Second opinions by specialists may also be covered. Keep in mind, however, to always consult a Miami workers’ compensation attorney before making any drastic decisions.


Beware of Insurance Companies


Workers’ Compensation Lawyers - Miami FL

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers – Miami FL

Disputes with insurance companies that manage workers’ compensation are common. There have been numerous cases of injured workers being denied their benefits. This results in complicated lawsuits and claims that take more time and money. And still, most workers will not pursue their claims and will not receive any form of compensation.


Some insurance companies argue against the exact location or nature of your injury. Some will dispute that the injury may have possibly occurred outside of work, or that your injuries are not serious enough to merit workers’ compensation benefits.


There have also been instances where medical examiners will declare you fit to work immediately, denying the existence of the injury. It can be difficult to heal from an injury when you are already being turned away, and you and your family are suffering. Before making another choice on your case, consider consulting with a worker’s compensation lawyer in Miami.


Get Legal


In any incident, you need proper legal counsel to guide you through the process and ensure that you are getting the most out of your compensation benefits. Remember, you are entitled to these benefits! These benefits are more than just rewards for the extra work that you put in every day for you and your family; these benefits indicate the care that you deserve to receive for being a hardworking member of society. And it is your company’s responsibility to take care of you.


If you or your loved one have recently gone through a workplace injury or illness, consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer today. Having a dedicated legal representative working on your behalf can help you and your family move forward without worrying about how to pay the medical bills. Talk to a Miami workers’ compensation attorney in Miami today.

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