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Miami Swimming Pool Accidents Lawyer

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Miami Swimming Pool Accidents Lawyer - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL

Miami Swimming Pool Accidents Lawyer

One of the things many people forget about when it comes to safety is the swimming pool. Swimming pools don’t seem like much of a threat, but the truth is that 10 people drown every day in swimming pools in the United States. To make matters worse, 20 percent of these victims are children. When someone you know is injured in a pool, you no longer think of pools as safe. In fact, for thousands of people, someone they love has been killed or seriously injured due to swimming in a public pool, at a public beach, or in a home swimming pool, sometimes due in part to the negligence of the installer, lifeguard, homeowner, or government department responsible for ensuring the area is safe.


In Florida, there are swimming pools everywhere, and anyone who has been injured or anyone whose loved one has experienced serious injury or death as a result of a swimming pool accident caused by negligence should contact a Miami personal injury lawyer right away.


The Dangers of Swimming Pools


Caution Water

Miami Swimming Pool Accidents Lawyer – Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami

Swimming pools are a great way to have fun during the summer, but you should be wary of the dangers they present. Think about all of the hazards that exist in a pool area. First, there is the water. Second, there are many other kids and adults splashing around. And third, diving boards, slippery stairs and handrails, and tiny ladder steps can pose a threat. Luckily, most of the time, people are relatively safe in pools, as long as the person responsible for maintaining the pool has done their job. The same goes for beaches, but lifeguards have to pay attention because debris and dangerous items have to be removed from the beach or water.


Often, people contact a Miami personal injury attorney because of a swimming pool accident, such as a traumatic brain injury. This can happen when someone dives into shallow water, when the diving board has not been properly maintained and malfunctions, or when there are too many people in the pool and the lifeguard is not paying attention. Even if someone has an accident that does not involve striking the shallow end or the side of the pool, the impact could still knock them unconscious, and they could drown before they have a chance to regain consciousness. Swimming pools are some of the most vital places to make sure everyone is paying attention and staying as safe as possible, and it is the responsibility of the pool owner to ensure safety.


Common Swimming Pool Injuries


Miami Swimming Pool Accidents Lawyer - Personal Injury Lawyer

Miami Swimming Pool Accidents Lawyer – Personal Injury Lawyer

One thing you should know about a traumatic brain injury is that you don’t always know that it occurred right away. Some victims of traumatic brain injuries may lose consciousness, but others may not. They may have hit their head and returned to playing, but they will have problems later. A traumatic brain injury could cause permanent damage, result in expensive physical therapy, and have many other consequences.


Another thing that can happen in a swimming pool is a spinal cord injury. Back injuries can be very serious, especially when they involve the spinal cord. First, they can cause paralysis in extreme cases, and in the majority of cases, they are accompanied by severe pain, which may mean suffering and expensive doctor or hospital bills, not to mention physical therapy. Even after being treated, many victims who have sustained spinal cord damage are never able to return to the life they had before the injury.


These two injuries, while definitely the most common types of injuries sustained, are not the only ones that can cause someone to contact a personal injury attorney in Miami. People sometimes contact a Miami personal injury attorney due to broken or fractured bones that happen because the pool was incorrectly marked, because the pool was filled incorrectly, or because debris or other obstructions made it too difficult to see the bottom. Powerful drain portals that are sometimes installed in public pools can also cause serious injuries.


Many of the injuries that can be sustained in a pool can have serious consequences. The thing you have to keep in mind is that the owners of a swimming pool are responsible for ensuring that those injuries do not happen, and if they do not take the appropriate steps to prevent them, you have every right to seek compensation for any injury that you have received.


Who is Responsible for Your Swimming Pool Injury?


Miami Swimming Pool Accidents Lawyer - Personal Injury Lawyer In FL

Miami Swimming Pool Accidents Lawyer – Personal Injury Lawyer In FL

Lifeguards and the owner of the pool that hires them must ensure everyone swimming is safe and that no one is behaving in a way that could cause injury to others. In addition, they have to inspect equipment regularly to make sure it is all in working order and is not going to cause problems. There are also laws requiring pool owners or governments to put up signs in certain places to inform people about the pool or beach in question. If these safety measures are not in place, it can cause serious injury or death, which can be devastating to many, resulting in grief, loss of income, and other major problems. However, the law allows those surviving family members or the injured person to receive compensation if the accident could’ve been prevented.


Contact our personal injury lawyer in Miami right away if you think you have a case stemming from a swimming pool accident. If you believe that your accident or injury could have been caused by negligence on the part of the pool owner, the premises on which the pool was located, or the government that oversaw the pool or beach in question, then contact an attorney immediately to find out if you have a case and if you might be able to get compensation for your suffering.

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