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Miami Prescription Drug Error Attorney

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Miami Prescription Drug Error Attorney - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL

Miami Prescription Drug Error Attorney

When you’re sick, you go to the doctor – you trust the doctor to know what’s wrong with you and to prescribe the right medication to fix it or treat your symptoms. But how often do doctors and medical professional make mistakes when prescribing and dispensing your medication? Prescription drug errors, made by doctors and pharmacies, don’t just happen: They are much more common than you would think.


Here’s why prescription drug errors happen in the first place, why you could be at risk and why you will want a Miami prescription drug error attorney if it ever were to happen to you, a loved family member or a close friend.


Prescription Statistics


Prescription Drug Error Attorney - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL

Prescription Drug Error Attorney – Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL

According to the CDC, at least 48.9% of people will have used at least one type of prescription drug in the last thirty days – and this will likely have been either you or someone you know. When we take a closer look at the prescription drug error statistics available, a disturbing picture begins to become clear. Just in the US, errors made with drug prescriptions are estimated to affect approximately seven million people per year – and keep in mind that these mistakes are all preventable. But if it does happen to you, you’ll want a prescription drug lawyer in Miami to take the lead.


Types of Prescription Drug Errors


Miami Prescription Drug Error Attorney - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami

Miami Prescription Drug Error Attorney – Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami

There are many different types of prescription errors that can injure a patient. We recommend that you contact a Miami personal injury lawyer if you believe you were given a mistaken prescription because of any of the reasons mentioned here. Here are a few types of mistakes that can be made when it comes to your drug prescription…


  • Prescribing the wrong medication for the condition entirely, which can lead to contraindications and side-effects experienced by the patient.
  • Prescribing the wrong dosage for the patient, either too much or too little of the medication, which can lead to ineffectiveness – or an accidental overdose.
  • Prescribing a medication for which the patient is allergic to, which can lead to an allergic reaction and further hospitalization or death.
  • Prescribing the right medication, though it can be misinterpreted by a pharmacist because of several reasons, including simply being unable to read the doctor’s handwriting properly.


Why Prescription Drug Errors Happen


Prescription drug errors don’t just happen at random. There are a couple of reasons that might give rise to you being prescribed the wrong dosage or the wrong medication by your doctor. If this has happened to you, you shouldn’t ignore the conduct that let to your injury. Hire a Miami personal injury lawyer to make sure that you – and other future patients – aren’t becoming part of a larger medical malpractice statistic.


You count on medical professionals to be just that – professional – and not to make these kinds of errors.  But as you’ve seen from the statistics, these errors still happen frequently, and they cause serious personal injury and even death: Not to mention the billions of dollars that it’s estimated to cost the industry every year.

Prescription drug errors can sometimes happen because…


  • The doctor’s handwriting can sometimes be misinterpreted by the person who has to dispense the medication: You likely know what a doctor’s handwriting can look like, and it’s not often the prettiest – yes, sometimes a mistake can be as simple as this.
  • Doctors are human, and sometimes they make mistakes – because of the level of professionalism and training, people automatically assume that doctors’ work will be flawless. In most instances, this is not the case – and mistakes will occur.
  • Conditions can be misdiagnosed, and doctors can err just like everyone else in any profession – but a doctor’s error is considered to be more disastrous than if someone were to forget to fill up the printer at work.


We don’t need to go into detail about just why these types of errors with drug prescriptions can be dangerous – but we can tell you that an error made by a doctor can result in serious personal injury, and if you have a valid personal injury claim you should approach a Miami personal injury lawyer to take care of your injury claim on your behalf.


When it Happens


Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL - Miami Prescription Drug Error Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL – Miami Prescription Drug Error Attorney

In the United States alone, approximately seven million people are affected by prescription drug errors per year. Have you been one of these people and been physically, emotionally and financially affected by a prescription error that might have been made by your doctor or the drug store?


Statistics are on the rise, and when it happens to you it’s important to know who to call. You can get justice through our court system and receive financial compensation from those responsible for your injury. Hire a personal injury lawyer in Miami to fight for your cause and help win your case.


Sometimes prescription errors can result in thousands of dollars in lost money and second opinions from other medical professionals; other times it takes thousands of dollars to reverse the damage done by one doctor’s mistake. And there are many times where no amount of money can get your health back after the damage has been done.


But have you thought of the fact that you deserve justice if you have been wronged by your doctor? While sometimes you can’t get your health back, you can have recourse and get justice for what has happened to your health – and at the same time, this can often ensure that the same mistake does not happen to anyone else.


For when you want to take the matter further and get the justice that you deserve, hire our Miami personal injury attorney who knows what they are doing.

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