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Miami Premises Liability Lawyer

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Premises Liability in Miami FL-Miami Injury Attorney

Miami Premises Liability Lawyer

A premises liability lawyer is someone who can help you get compensation for an accident that was not your fault. If you were injured on private or public property and you feel that your accident was the fault of the property owner, then you may be entitled to compensation to help you to deal with the financial, emotional, and practical implications of your accident. A premises liability lawyer in Miami will help you build your case and get the compensation that you rightly deserve.

What is Premises Liability?

Premises liability law explains the extent and nature of liability that falls on the owners of any commercial, private, or public property. In other words, anyone who owns land is at least somewhat responsible for keeping that property in good condition in order to ensure the health and safety of visitors.

Those who own or operate any premises are required to follow basic safety rules. If they do not and this leads to an injury, that’s when premises liability lawyers in Miami step in.

The job of premises liability lawyers is important to ensuring community safety. Without them, there would be no incentive for big companies or property owners to take care of their property and to ensure that visitors are not injured.

Common Premises Liability Injuries:

Failure to place signs by puddles or other slip and fall hazards

Unreasonably slippery walking surfaces

Poorly maintained walking surfaces


Uneven sidewalks

Poor security that could lead to an injury or an assault

Dog bites

Swimming pool accidents

Defective conditions (such as crumbling walkways or balconies)

Defective elevator or defective escalator

Missing railings or broken railings


Uneven stairs

Falling debris

Lack of security cameras

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Any of the above-mentioned safety hazards can potentially mean that you have a case in the event you are injured. While some premises liability claims are obvious, others might be less so. For example, it may surprise some to learn that a company or landowner may be liable due to inefficient CCTV or security.

Levels of Care

An important factor is the ‘level of care’. The “level of care” helps a Miami personal injury lawyer know which types of guests are authorized to be on a property owner’s premises.  Invitees are those that are invited to enter or remain on the premises for the commercial benefit of the owners – this will usually mean either customers or clients. Licensees, meanwhile are the friends, family members and guests of those on the property. Finally, trespassers are those that have broken the law and entered into the premises and were not invited.

Liability varies depending on your relationship with the property owner. While the owner is not always liable for trespasser’s injuries, they may not intentionally set up hazardous areas to guard against trespassers for example.

What to do if You Are Injured at Work

Road pitIf you get injured at work, the first thing you should do is get medical attention and follow the advice of your doctors. If you feel the accident was the fault of the company you work for, then you may wish to take legal action to get compensation. For these cases there are a few things you can do to help your claim.

Get photos of your injury, as this can help prove negligence and later the damages caused by the accident. You should also listen carefully to the doctors when they explain exactly what damage has been done. This is important because the greater the injury, the more compensation you stand to receive.

Of course, you should also examine the site where the damage occurred to see if the cause of the accident has been dealt with or whether it’s still being neglected. In the latter case, photos are very helpful. You might also benefit from asking colleagues if they witnessed the accident, or better yet if you can get video evidence from CCTV. All of these things can help your case. From here you should look into getting an injury lawyer in Miami who can use this evidence and their knowledge to build a case for you.

While you may feel a certain affiliation and loyalty to your workplace, the reality is that your safety and wellbeing is their responsibility. It is up to your employer to maintain a safe and healthy working environment and not to chase after short-term profits at the expense of their staff. You shouldn’t have to pay the price for the oversights of management.

It is important to remember there are several other important reasons to take an organization to court in the face of an accident with the help of a personal injury lawyer in Miami.

Why Use a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve suffered an accident that wasn’t your fault, it may have left you unable to work, or physically or emotionally damaged. In such cases, if the accident was the fault of negligence or misconduct of a third party, you may be able sue for compensation. Having an injury lawyer can greatly help your case, making you more likely to be compensated for your damages.

While most cases end up being settled out of court, this won’t occur unless the company in question feels you have a valid case. In some instances, it is possible to get compensation from a company directly through well written letters. However, this can take lots of time and multiple exchanges with the company, which can be confusing and off-putting for the injured party. An injury lawyer however, will help you both at this stage and in court, handling your formal complaints and acting as your advocate.

Our personal injury lawyers will help you in both scenarios using their knowledge and experience. Though we are trained in many aspects of the law, our lawyers practice injury law exclusively.

What Our Lawyers Will Do For You

SidewalkWhen you speak with one of our personal injury lawyers in Miami, we will begin by helping to ascertain whether you have a case. This opinion is based on a multiple of factors. First, we will check to see if any of the above-mentioned violations took place, among others. We will also look at the list of potential parties that could have caused your injury. Lastly, we will look into whether the parties are insured and which insurance companies could be liable for your injuries. It is up to you and your legal team to prove that the injury was due to negligence on the part of the premise owner and we work hard to do so.

In some cases, property owners try to cover up incriminating evidence. They might even go as far as firing any employees that witnessed the event. This is in a bid to try and avoid financial liability.

If you remembered to take photos of the premises and the accident, this can help us prove your case even if the landowner is trying to cover up the accident. In many cases we can recover CCTV footage to prove your case. If there is no video footage, which you might think is bad for your case – remember, not having video footage could potentially be a violation in itself!

A personal injury lawyer in Miami will work with you to identify potential evidence that can help you make your case. Having dealt with countless similar cases, we know precisely what to look for and what evidence will lead to the best outcome.

At the same time, our premises liability lawyers can also help you identify any aspects of the law that you might otherwise miss. Just as you can build a successful case on the basis of a lack of CCTV, other surprising aspects of the law can also help you to be successful.

All of these things can be missed if you are not represented by a lawyer, leaving you with a lower chance of success. This is why it is so important to speak to a lawyer, not only in order to get the compensation that you deserve, but also to improve the conditions of the property, to draw attention to the issues that led to your accident, and to help others avoid the same problem.

If you are looking for representation, or you would just like a no-obligation chat with a lawyer, then get in touch with a lawyer at Flagler Personal Injury Group today. We can help to assess your case and will provide non-biased advice on how to proceed whether we can help or not.

With years of experience helping clients just like you, we’re confident we will be able to help and that we will provide the highest level of legal services in Miami for your injury case. Call our office now at 305-424-8445.

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