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Miami Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

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Miami Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

Miami Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

When it comes to cruise ship accidents and injuries, it can be difficult to determine who is responsible because cruises often happen over international waters. It can be challenging to navigate the corporate web behind the cruise ship organization. If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a cruise ship accident, or if you lost a loved one on a cruise ship, you may have been told that you would not be able to receive compensation because of the complex issues involved, but that is not the case. You should contact a Miami personal injury lawyer that is familiar with cruise ship accidents to evaluate your accident and injuries.


Types of Cruise Accidents and Injuries - Miami Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

Types of Cruise Accidents and Injuries – Miami Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

Types of Cruise Accidents and Injuries


Some of the injuries that might happen on a cruise include accidents and crimes that happen on board the ship or at a port of call with or without excursions. Slip and falls or other negligence by the cruise personnel that cause an unsafe environment, sexual assault, medical malpractice aboard ship, violations of maritime law and wrongful death are just a few of the incidents that may constitute a personal injury claim.  If you’ve experienced an incident on board a cruise ship or a port excursion sold by the cruise ship that you think was the fault of the cruise company or their employees, you should contact a Miami personal injury lawyer immediately.


Cruise Ships & Passenger Contracts


Some passengers do not read the fine print when they sign contracts for their cruise ticket. Often, the passenger does not receive a copy of the contract because the cruise companies do not want passengers to be aware of their rights. In fact, the only way that someone can find out what they have agreed to is to search online. Cruise companies simply do not want you to know when to file a claim against them after an accident.  That is why it is imperative you consult with a cruise ship injury attorney in Miami immediately after the incident.

If the incident wasn’t documented on board, filing a claim is more difficult.  Timeliness is important when notifying the cruise company, and cruise companies do not make investigating cases easy. This means that investigators have limited time to gather the information needed for a case – which is exactly what the cruise ship company is hoping for. That’s why injury victims shouldn’t wait to talk to an attorney.  Any Miami cruise ship accident lawyer will need time to investigate the case, and the cruise company will do all they can to impede any investigation.


A General Explanation of Maritime Law & Responsibility


There are laws that govern cruise ships, and these statutes must be strictly adhered to for the safety of all passengers and personnel on board. Becoming aware of these laws will allow you and your personal injury attorney to better prepare yourself and fight for your rights. It is the responsibility of the cruise ship owner to ensure that passengers are safe. This corporate entity must follow Ship Owner’s Duty of Care as well as General Maritime Law. Usually, injuries are caused by someone with a direct relationship to the vessel, such as an employee.

The United States Supreme Court has decided that cruise companies are legally obligated to care for their passengers, and any employee of the cruise ship determined to have acted negligently, resulting in harm to a passenger, may subject the cruise line itself to liability for the accident or injury.  In many cases, the operator of the cruise is ordered to compensate those injured for medical bills and other damages. The ship owners are responsible for what is known as Reasonable Care, and while the definition is not always crystal clear; a personal injury lawyer in Miami will help you determine whether your case qualifies.


Cruise Ship

Benefits of a Cruise Ship Injury Attorney – Miami Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

Benefits of a Cruise Ship Injury Attorney


There are many reasons why consulting an attorney with experience in cruise ship injuries is important. Cruise ship injuries that happen in international waters or accidents that happen while the ship is in port can be mired down by so many different legal issues that it is difficult for a lawyer not familiar with how cruise ship litigation works to be an effective representative. A Miami cruise ship accident attorney is an essential part of any litigation when cruise ships or ports on a cruise tour are involved.

An attorney will also know how to deal with things like waivers, which many cruise lines require passengers to sign before participating in activities on board.


Should You Seek Help for a Cruise Injury?


Cruise Ship Accident

Should You Seek Help for a Cruise Injury – Miami Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

You may be wondering if you should seek out legal representation for a cruise ship injury. With all the details involved and the complications that come with cruise ship litigation, it can seem overwhelming and even not worth the trouble. But the truth is, you should talk to a cruise ship lawyer in Miami to find out if you have a case and whether you are entitled to compensation for an accident or injury you suffered. Remember, the cruise line is responsible for your safety while you are on board. If something happens to you, it could be their fault, and they should be held accountable for their mistake and forced to make changes so that future accidents do not happen to other passengers. Cruise lines work so hard to avoid litigation for a reason – some of them are cutting corners and not following regulations to make more money, and that is wrong.


The Bottom Line


The bottom line is that if you had an accident or injury on a cruise ship, then you should talk to a personal injury lawyer experienced in cruise ship litigation. You should consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible, particularly if the accident or injury was not reported or acknowledged by the cruise line at the time. You only have a limited time to file, and your attorney will need time to investigate the claim thoroughly and see if you have a case.

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