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Miami Bicycle Accidents Attorney

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Miami Bicycle Accidents Attorney - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL

Miami Bicycle Accidents Attorney

There are many avid cyclists in the city of Miami – and even more all over the state of Florida. People get into bicycling for many reasons: some do it for sport, others do it to be more physically active, and many people do it simply to get themselves from one point to another – and the exercise they get is just a bonus. But many bicyclists are injured in accidents that happen because of no fault of their own. Accidents like these can have a far-reaching effect, and can rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical, legal and insurance costs – in addition to the time spent recovering.


Many people don’t realize they have legal recourse from the party responsible for the accident – and others settle for a small settlement from an insurance company so they can have the unpleasant experience put behind them for good. But for those who want to be made whole for their injuries, know that you are entitled to compensation when you are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.


Have you been injured in a bicycle accident? You should speak to our Miami bicycle accident lawyer who can advise you on what the next step should be.


Bicycle Riding for Pleasure or Work


Miami Bicycle Accidents Attorney - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami

Miami Bicycle Accidents Attorney – Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami

According to statistics, in 2016, there were an estimated 66.5 million bicyclists in the United States alone – and these include both people who cycle for sport and those who are doing it for leisure or commute. It also includes those who have to ride a bicycle as part of their jobs – such as bicycle messengers. Are you one of the cyclists mentioned in the statistic? Whether or not you take part in cycling on a competitive level, it is likely that you are vulnerable to an accident just because you find yourself on the road with cars and other dangerous conditions. In the event you become part of the statistics involving injuries, you should know that you can further your research of a compensation claim by speaking with our personal injury lawyer in Miami.


The Conscious Cyclist


Most cyclists are conscious of the environment that they are riding in – and of the people they are cycling around. There are often dedicated bicycle lanes, and many people don’t even cycle that far away from home. And it’s not the cyclists that are the problem! Most of the time, accidents that involve bicyclists happen because of no fault on the part of the cyclist – instead, it’s everyone around them that makes them more prone to accidents, including drivers who do not look where they are going and property owners that create dangerous conditions for riders.


Injuries and Damages


Miami Bicycle Accidents Attorney - Personal Injury Lawyer

Miami Bicycle Accidents Attorney – Personal Injury Lawyer

The injuries you experience as the result of an accident while bicycling can mean that you are out of action for months. You may be unable to work for a significant period of time, and many times people run up thousands upon thousands of dollars just in medical bills. The longer it takes an injured victim to recover, the harder it will be for them to get back on their feet when they are physically healed. In some cases, the physical damage incurred as a result of the accident is permanent, with issues that plague the injured for life.


In our justice system, you are entitled to compensation for your pain and injuries if the accident was caused by the negligence of someone else. Sometimes, a very valuable bicycle will be damaged in an accident – and in those situations, the value of the bicycle will be part of your claim. Our experienced Miami personal injury attorney can help you structure a claim for what you have been through – and make sure that you get the justice that you deserve.


Sources of Liability


Bicycle Accidents Attorney - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL

Bicycle Accidents Attorney – Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL

Who is liable for your injuries, damages, and lost wages in the event of a bicycle accident? The responsibility can fall on several parties who played a role in the accident – and this will be investigated by our personal injury lawyer in Miami, so they can determine the strength of the case and what should be done next to ensure that you find justice for your injuries and damages.


  • Sometimes, liability for a bicycle accident can be blamed directly on a driver who was negligent at the time of the accident – sometimes, though not always, by not looking out for the cyclist while they were driving, resulting in the accident in question.
  • The liability of an accident can sometimes fall upon the municipality when cyclists can prove that the municipality was directly at fault for causing the accident in the first place – like being injured as a result of a pothole right in the middle of the cyclist’s lane that should have been fixed months ago.
  • The liability of an accident can also fall on the manufacturer of the bicycle or any relevant add-ons, such as the company who manufactures the tires for the bicycle. This only applies if the accident occurs directly because of the manufacturer’s fault, such as the frame of the bike having a fatal design flaw or the tires being made from materials that would directly cause an accident as the one you have experienced.
  • Other cyclists can also be at fault if you have been directly injured as a result of another bicyclist on the track or road – in this case, they would be liable for the damages you have incurred.
  • If you cycle on a designated track, the owner or operator of the track might very well be at fault too if it is proven that they were at fault for the accident, such as knowing about a flaw on the track and not getting it repaired before letting cyclists onto the track.


If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, why should you be the one paying for their mistakes? Our personal injury law firm in Miami will help you get the compensation that you deserve. Set up a free consultation now and find out how we can help you.

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