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Mass Transit Injury Attorney in Miami

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Mass Transit Injury Attorney in Miami - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL

Mass Transit Injury Attorney in Miami

Almost everyone has taken mass transit to travel at least once or twice in their lives. For some, commuting via mass transit is a daily routine. Every day, millions of students, employees, travelers, and tourists flock to train stations, bus stops, hail taxi cabs, and hop on-and-off flights.


Studies show that the implementation of mass transit systems has made travelling 90% more convenient for inhabitants in both cities and suburban areas. While mass transit vehicles are generally supposed to be safe, that isn’t always the case. For most Americans, mass transit accidents are a grim reality.


Roadkill is Real



Mass Transit Injury Attorney – Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL

In the United States, around 143 million Americans aged 16 and older take mass transit to work and school daily. In 2015 alone, 624,142 people were involved in mass transit accidents. The most common cause of mass transit accidents is negligence. Negligence on the road can take form in numerous ways. This could involve speeding, faulty vehicle maintenance, or simply the failure to observe traffic signals.


According to the Florida Integrated Report Exchange System (FIRES), in Miami alone, around 26,939 people welcome the first 6 months of each year with a mass transit injury. Unfortunately, this has been observed to only increase year by year as mass transit operators fail to maintain their vehicles according to national and local standards. When this happens, mass transit operators become more and more culpable for their reckless behavior on the road. If you’re concerned about the state of public transportation in your area, consult with a mass transit lawyer in Miami and tell us about your case.


An Overview of Miami’s Mass Transit System


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Mass Transit Injury Attorney in Miami – Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami

Each mass transit system presents its own set of hazards and dangers. Making yourself aware of how you can avoid or mitigate personal injury can save you time, money, and give you another day of your life. If you think you have experienced a lack of accountability in your mass transit operator, talk to a Miami mass transit lawyer immediately.


Whether your frequent mass transit or not, if you’re a resident in Florida, you need to read this:


  • City Buses


Buses account for a majority of mass transit passengers. Buses are commonly operated by different carriers and companies, some of which have national operations from state-to-state. Most buses don’t have seatbelts or any form of standard safety measures.


Knowing the background behind who operates the bus you ride could save time, your health, and in worst-case scenarios; haggling over damage compensation. However, the bulk of mass transit accident cases involve your city bus. You can protect yourself by consulting a Miami mass transit attorney to know more about this.


  • Trains (Metrorail and Metromover)


While trains don’t experience as many mass transit-related accidents as buses, when they do happen, they tend to be massive and severe. Train accidents typically end up causing more deaths than injuries. Furthermore, these resulting injuries can still be life changing for the injured and their family.


Train car collisions, platform impacts, and pedestrian accidents are some common train-involved accidents. Keeping up-to-date with how your public transit authority is maintaining their train and subway system is one way of ensuring that you don’t get caught in a sticky situations that could cost you your life.


  • Ferries


Taking a ferry is a smart and quick way of getting to another area in under 30 minutes. Most ferry-goers prefer taking a ferry as it is a more convenient way of beating road traffic. But, ferries can be particularly dangerous.


Passengers risk the possibility of being thrown overboard in an accident. Not only that, risks of drowning and getting squeezed by debris are much greater. You might want to avoid taking a ferry during high tide.


  • Trollies


Most commuters view a trolley as a less menacing alternative, due mainly to its slowness. The trolley is a favorite of tourists and is a wonderful way to sightsee around Miami. It is also a beloved relic in Miami’s history.


But what most passengers fail to realize is the apparent lack of safety measures in every trolley cart. Should a cart get involved in a direct collision, passengers can be thrown out onto the asphalt and risk greater injury.


  • Planes


Most residents don’t consider a plane as part of their mass transit system, but it is. There are over 80 airlines shuttling in-and-out of Miami International Airport to around 150 destinations nationally and around the world. While the Aviation Safety Network implements numerous safety measures, human error is still responsible for the vast majority of aviation accidents.


This can involve accidents due to faulty equipment, pilot error, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulation violations, airport collisions, and fatal and non-fatal airplane crashes. In these cases, it might be better to get a Miami personal injury lawyer to have a legal advantage over how you can get compensated for their failure.


The Truth About Mass Transit Accidents


Mass Transit Injury Attorney in Miami - Personal Injury Lawyer

Mass Transit Injury Attorney in Miami – Personal Injury Lawyer

When passengers become involved in a mass transit accident, they can be entitled to receive or recover compensation for damages. That means shouldering your medical bills, replacing your lost wages, and compensating you for having to suffer due to their negligence.


Mass transit systems are commonly run by major corporations with the partnership of local and state governments. In most cases, these companies may be liable for your injuries caused by their employees. In every mass transit injury case, the city, state, and even country could all be held liable.


Unhelpful state agencies and hardheaded insurance company representatives will often attempt to hinder you from ever getting this compensation. State agencies can delay monetary compensation packages. Most insurance companies will try to prove that the operating company was not liable for any damages.


Being involved in a mass transit accident can make it difficult for a person to make sense of the events amid the confusion, especially with sustained injuries. These injuries can range from broken bones, internal damage, lacerations, brain trauma, sprains, paralysis, abrasions, and much worse. Which is why you need a professional who can investigate the facts, prove liability, win your case, and get you compensated for your pain and suffering.


Why You Need a Mass Transit Injury Attorney


Americans carry a 1.3% chance of getting into a traffic accident every day. Common carriers owe their passengers more than just diligence in providing quality transport services. They have a responsibility to provide more than just ordinary care. They must be able to protect their passengers and ensure that, when something goes wrong, they will still be under that care and protection.


Protect yourself further with legal professionals in the form of a personal injury attorney in Miami who can defend you in any accident or personal injury case. Our lawyers will assess your case, see if you have a viable claim, and get you compensated. No more dealing with pain and suffering without the support you need. A Miami mass transit attorney in Miami will make your city a more just place for you and your family to travel.

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