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How Much Will I Recover for My Car Accident Case?

Miami Car Accident Lawyer - How Much Will I Recover for My Car Accident Case

Miami Car Accident Lawyer – You got hurt in a traffic accident. The accident wasn’t your fault, but you still got hurt, and the bills are real. You didn’t suffer catastrophic injuries, but your injuries could last a while and require continued treatment. Your car is a tangled mess in a junkyard somewhere. You’ve already missed a week of work, and your doctor tells you it could be two or three more weeks before you can return to work The cost of prescriptions for painkillers, antibiotics and other medications prescribed as a result of your injuries is mounting quickly. You’re out of the hospital now, but you’re supposed to start physical therapy in a couple of days. The medical bills are more than you ever dreamed possible. Now what?

What Kind of Damages Can I Recover?

There is no sure-fire answer to how much you will recover in damages from a car accident. If you were at fault, it is possible that you will get what your insurance company pays you for property damage and medical bills, and that’s it. But in situations where another party was at fault for the accident, the amount you can recover is likewise uncertain, but considerably easier to estimate. Yes, you can recover for your property damage and medical bills. However, you are likely to recover more than you would from your own insurance company. Further, the kinds of damages you can recover expand, at least in part because you have the leverage of litigation against the at-fault party. So what avenues of recovery are open to you?

According to a consumer organization, proving lost wages can be as simple as a doctor’s statement that you have been unable to work for a specific period of time. You will still have to document what your income for that period would have been, but you can do so using:

  • Paystubs showing your weekly earnings from before your accident.
  • W-2s or tax returns showing your earnings on an annual basis.
  • An affidavit or some other proof of income provided by your employer.

For people who are self-employed, you could provide banking records, tax returns, or other business records that show your earnings from before your accident. If you used sick days or vacation days to cover time off while you were recovering from your injuries, you could also recover for that.

Miami Car Accident Lawyers - How Much Will I Recover for My Car Accident Case

Miami Car Accident Lawyers – How Much Will I Recover for My Car Accident Case

In addition to current medical expenses, you also could recover for future medical expenses. This includes medical costs that you can reasonably expect to have to pay in the future based on the nature of your injuries. These costs can extend far into the future and are more difficult to prove than past and current medical expenses, for which you have actual bills. But for long-lasting injuries or chronic conditions that result from your injuries that require ongoing care, different methods of proof are necessary.

To recover future medical costs, you will have to show a “reasonable probability” the injuries you suffered will require continued medical care, how much that care can be expected to amount to, and how long it will last. Usually, this will require expert medical testimony. This testimony could come from physicians or other health care providers, who would describe the medical care you will require in the future and approximately what it will cost.

If You Have Been Injured in a Traffic Accident, Contact a Miami Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you might be in the dark as to how much you can recover in damages. There are various kinds of damages you can recover. While it can be difficult to ascertain an exact amount ahead of time, you should talk to a Miami personal injury attorney to learn what kinds of damages you might be able to recover. Contact Flagler Personal Injury Group at (305) 424-8445 or through our online contact form. Flagler Personal Injury Group serves the greater Miami area.

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