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Hotel Accident Attorney in Miami

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Hotel Accident Attorney in Miami - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL

Hotel Accident Attorney in Miami

When you’re staying at a hotel or resort in Miami and you are injured on the premises, you might want a Miami personal injury lawyer to help you with liability compensation, which involves getting damages for the accident from the people responsible for keeping the resort or hotel safe. The reason for this is that people who are staying in resorts or hotels have a reasonable expectation that they will be safe during normal activities or walking around. If the hotel/resort or the staff of that hotel/resort make mistakes that result in injuries, then the hotel/resort may be liable. Hotels and resorts definitely do not have the right to put your health and safety at risk. In fact, hotels are required by law to provide a certain level of care to all of their guests.


This applies to personal injury from not only negligence, such as a slip and fall accident from a wet floor, but also a variety of incidents, including the activities being offered at the hotel, other guests, and thousands of other factors. Hotels and resorts must take every reasonable step they can to ensure no guest is injured while they are staying there. For example, many people contact a slip and fall lawyer in Miami because they were injured due to a hotel or a resort not maintaining their lobby, sidewalk, or parking lot, as well as areas like the pool.


Common Hotel Accidents We See


Hotel Accident Attorney in Miami - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami

Hotel Accident Attorney in Miami – Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami

It is important that you contact an injury attorney as soon as possible if you have been involved in a hotel or resort accident or if you have been injured on the property of a hotel or resort. You have to act fast because your attorney has to collect the evidence needed to be able to pursue your case successfully. Contacting an attorney directly after an injury happens is usually the best course of action. Here are some of the things that can happen on the property of a resort or hotel:


  • Pool accidents due to an unsupervised pool area, lack of signage, or the fact that the pool was not properly maintained
  • Frayed carpets that result in a fall or tumble
  • Accidents involving the escalators, staircases, or elevators of the hotel
  • Unsafe bathroom areas, including showers, tubs, and jacuzzis
  • Poorly placed rugs
  • Waxed floors that are easy to slip and fall on
  • Insect bites, bed bug infestations, and more
  • Poorly lit or maintained parking lots, sidewalks, or recreational areas
  • Toxic mold that you breathe in due to your presence in the building
  • Hotel security that is not paying attention, not fully staffed, or not given enough resources (Negligent security)
  • Violent crime, such as theft or sexual assault
  • Poorly maintained, constructed or neglected furniture
  • Much more


Negligence Leading to Hotel Accidents



Hotel Accident Attorney in Miami – Personal Injury Lawyer

Often, negligence is a factor in an injury sustained in a guest’s own hotel room. Guests who were injured as a result of negligence in these areas have every right to pursue litigation against the owner of the hotel or the person responsible. Often, attorneys can get compensation for the injuries and financial losses sustained as a result of the injury.


But when you contact a Miami personal injury attorney, you have to make sure that they know what they are doing when it comes to hotel negligence and accidents. You need to ask if they have experience representing victims of accidents or injuries, as well as whether they have had success in getting their clients compensation. Your attorney should know who is responsible for your accident or injury, how to proceed with a lawsuit, and all of the nuances that go into winning such a lawsuit. You want someone fighting on your side that is going to pursue justice in every possible way allowed by the law. However, to understand the law when it comes to these kinds of injuries, you must have a clear understanding of premises liabilities for resorts and hotels.


Hotel Standards in Injury Cases


Hotel Accident Attorney in Miami - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami Florida

Hotel Accident Attorney in Miami – Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami Florida

In Miami, resorts and hotels are required to ensure their guests’ safety, which may include taking care of the grounds; putting up proper signage; making sure buffing and mopping are not done during peak traffic times; ensuring fire alarms, smoke alarms, and all other safety devices required in a hotel are present and working; and many other details. Your personal injury attorney will be able to sit down with you and ask questions that will help them determine whether your injury or accident was caused by negligence on the part of the hotel. If negligence can be attributed to something the hotel has a responsibility to provide, then compensation can definitely be pursued.


To prove a liability claim is valid according to the premises liability law in Florida, guests must prove the owner was aware or should have been aware of the conditions and that they failed to address those conditions. Victims that can prove this may be able to recover damages, such as for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, and more.


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You do want to keep in mind though that you need to contact an attorney as soon after the accident has occurred as possible. Your personal injury attorney may need to collect evidence or get information that will be best available directly after the accident. Contacting our personal injury attorney in Miami is your best option when it comes to recovering damages from a hotel or resort. Hotels and resorts have a responsibility to provide you with a safe environment, and when they don’t, you deserve compensation. Contact our attorney today and find out what you can do.

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