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Hospital Negligence Attorney in Miami

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Hospital Negligence Attorney in Miami - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL

Hospital Negligence Attorney in Miami

Hospital negligence is becoming more and more common these days, unfortunately. This is due to many reasons, including, the understaffing of hospitals and the staffing of unqualified workers, as well as the increased number of people who visit the hospital these days because they are unable to access health care anywhere else. However, hospitals still have the responsibility to treat patients, and just because a doctor is busy does not give him or her the right to be negligent in your case. If you think the hospital or doctor working at the hospital has been negligent, then you should contact our Miami personal injury lawyer right away to learn about your options.


What is Hospital Negligence?


The first thing you likely want to know is what’s covered under the term hospital negligence. Negligence occurs when a hospital does not offer the level of care expected by patients and required by law. If a hospital agrees to treat someone, they are obligated to give them a certain standard of care and to do what they can to treat the condition temporarily until the patient can see a regular doctor. This includes treatments for back injuries, heart attacks, and accidents resulting in serious injury, among the many other reasons people visit hospitals.


When a hospital is negligent, you have every right to contact a Miami personal injury attorney, because you trust the hospital to handle your health care in the same way that you would trust the post office to deliver a valuable package or your bank to manage and make available your money when you need it. In fact, hospitals have a much higher standard of care because they control whether you live or die in many cases by their actions. Your life is literally in their hands. This means that when a hospital is negligent, it must be held accountable for its actions so it can change policies or remove personnel to ensure this never happens again.


It doesn’t matter whether hospitals are publicly or privately operated. When they fail to provide proper training or supervision of employees, and it results in negligence, or when they failed to maintain safe and sanitary premises, resulting in a serious infection or other problem, the patients affected deserve compensation. There is no excuse for poor patient care, and in many cases, it can result in serious personal injury or death.


If you or your family member have been seriously injured in a hospital due to negligence or you have had a family member die due to the actions or inaction of a hospital anywhere in the greater Miami area, then you need an experienced medical malpractice attorney. Get a free consultation to determine whether you have a case.


How Does the Law Define Negligence?


Hospital Negligence Attorney in Miami - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami

Hospital Negligence Attorney in Miami – Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami

The law is quite broad when it comes to defining negligence as it applies to health care. The law defines negligence as the failure to exercise the care that is due, resulting in preventable death, injury, or serious financial damage. In the case of the death of a loved one, the person bringing the lawsuit must show that the hospital acted with negligence. This may mean that the employees of the hospital, including doctors, nurses, janitorial staff, culinary staff, and all other people involved in the hospital’s operation, were negligent, or it may mean the facility itself had an issue that should have been resolved.


The Different Types of Hospital Negligence


Doctor negligence usually involves making medical mistakes, such as a misdiagnosis or error during treatment or surgery. Doctors pay a great deal of money for malpractice insurance because of the potential for mistakes. Negligence can even refer to paperwork that was mixed up or completed incorrectly; medical equipment that had not been updated, stored, or maintained properly; or even a wet floor without proper signage, causing someone to slip and fall. This even includes the hospital’s parking lot, where someone who isn’t even a patient and may just be passing through could be injured.


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Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL – Hospital Negligence Attorney in Miami

Usually, the negligent party must be determined, whether the doctor, nurse, or administration of the facility itself. This will depend on what sort of hospital negligence took place. You should contact a Miami hospital negligence attorney if you think you have grounds for a lawsuit or claim against the hospital. If you are injured, became sick after leaving the hospital, developed an infection from the hospital, or suffered because of the actions of a doctor, nurse, or another staff member, then you should contact our injury attorney right away. The sooner after an incident that you contact an attorney, the better—he or she will be able to assist you.


Infections in hospitals have been a serious problem recently, with stories in the news about contaminated surfaces, linens, instruments, and more. One of the most common types of infection is the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection, and it can cause major problems for patients, including pneumonia, infection of the blood stream, sepsis, and even death. However, it is not the only kind of infection that you can get in a hospital. The main takeaway is to remember that hospitals have a responsibility to keep you safe from these infections, as well as from other injuries or illnesses.


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The bottom line is that you should contact our Miami personal injury attorney right away if you think a hospital has been negligent in your care. The sooner you contact an injury attorney, the sooner you will be able to get the evidence you need to make your case and receive the compensation you deserve.

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