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Electrocution & Fire Injury Lawyer in Miami

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Electrocution & Fire Injury Lawyer in Miami - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL

Electrocution & Fire Injury Lawyer in Miami

Accidents are called accidents because nobody expects them to happen. Injuries don’t pick a convenient time to occur and when you are affected by an event like an electrocution or fire injury,  it can strike you down in more ways than one. In medical expenses alone, recovering from a serious electrocution or fire injury can cost you well into the millions of dollars in medical bills and other expenses. It is likely that you will be out of work for a period of time, and depending on the severity of your injuries you might even need to spend significant time in the hospital.


What are your options if you have been injured in an electrocution or fire injury? You will want to first consult with a Miami electrocution attorney or a fire injury lawyer in Miami.

Injury Statistics


Fire Injury Lawyer in Miami - Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL

Fire Injury Lawyer in Miami – Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL

Do you think that an electrocution or fire injury of this magnitude can’t happen to you? Then you should think again. Fire and electrocution injuries are becoming more and more prevalent. Often there is no fault on the part of the victim in the situation, and the fire or electrocution happened due to the negligence of another party.

When talking injury statistics, we know there were approximately 2,480 cases of electrocution-related injuries reported in the year 2015.

While the majority of injuries were nonfatal, many of the injured ended up in the hospital for weeks and cost them thousands upon thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

From the same studies mentioned above, there were approximately 134 electrocution injuries in 2015 that were fatal. If you are lucky enough to survive an electrocution or fire injury, then your quality of life may be affected as a result. And it’s likely that your work will have been affected during this time, not to mention the medical bills you can be struck with from the accident.

How do you know that you have a case strong enough to approach a Miami personal injury lawyer? You will never know until you ask the professionals. The fact stands that most of the time when it comes to accidents like these, you are not at fault – and this means that you deserve the right recourse from a Miami personal injury lawyer.

Who is Responsible?


Hand Trauma

Electrocution Injury Lawyer in Miami – Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL

If a fire or electrocution injury happens directly because of the fact that you were negligent in some  way, then we can say that you were at fault – usually because of some kind of instructions that were not followed. But often with electrocution and fire accidents, this is not the case, and most often the victim is not at fault – and the accident can be attributed to someone else’s negligence.


Many times when an accident happens, people will either not realize that they have an option in the first place, or they will not question who is at fault for causing the injury. We believe that you  deserve justice when injured due to someone else’s negligence.

That’s why you need a personal injury attorney in Miami that will take charge of the case on your behalf and get you the justice that you deserve.


Sometimes, responsibility for an accident falls on an employer, sometimes it falls on a landlord or electrician and other times the responsibility will fall upon an electrical company who was in some  way negligent and this led to the cause of the injury.

What Can Happen?


While the terms fire and electrocution accidents might sound like two very general terms, when we’re talking about fire and electrocution accidents we mean any kind of accident whereby damage is incurred – either to you or your property – due to what is most often negligence, which leads to an accident taking place. But when we’re talking about more general terms, just what can happen in both events when it comes to an accident?


  • Fire Injuries: Fire injuries can vary in terms of severity, and can include directly incurring burn wounds to the skin – but the definition is also broad to include other forms of injury and damage that can occur as a result, like smoke inhalation, damage to property or internal fire damage. A talented Miami personal injury attorney can help you recover for the level of inconvenience you have experienced as a result of your injury.
  • Electrocution Injuries: Electrocution injuries can happen due to several causes, and usually involves direct or indirect (though conducted) conduct with an electrical current – and the physical damage here can include everything from internal burns to seared skin; again, these accidents usually take place because of negligence – and you have recourse if you manage to find an experienced Miami personal injury attorney to take care of your case.


Miami Injury Attorneys With Experience


Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL - Electrocution & Fire Injury Lawyer in Miami

Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami FL – Electrocution & Fire Injury Lawyer in Miami

Why not just get any attorney to represent you? While it’s true that you can pick any attorney, we can quickly tell you why you shouldn’t. Attorneys practice in their respective fields for a very good reason – so that you can know your attorney is experienced in personal injury – and this means they have seen cases like yours before, and they have managed to secure their clients financial recourse for their injury: Wouldn’t you love to find recourse for your injury case?

Electrical and fire-related injuries aren’t uncommon, and if you look at the statistics you shouldn’t think that it couldn’t happen to you – this is especially true if you work in certain industries, which places you at a higher risk.

Have you been wronged and need to find legal resource to make a claim for your injuries due to negligence? Call and have our Miami personal injury attorney take charge of the case on your behalf.

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