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Common Causes of Truck Accidents – Miami Truck Accident Lawyer

Common Causes of Truck Accidents - Miami Truck Accident Lawyer

A 90,000-pound semi-truck hurtling down the interstate with a full payload has tremendous force in motion. Truck accidents are typically destructive events that end in extensive property damage, potentially causing injury or death to pedestrians and passengers.

If you are injured in a truck accident, contact our truck accident attorney in Miami. It is essential to retain legal representation as soon as possible to ensure the settlement of any medical bills or damages.

Truck accidents occur for a variety of reasons, and they happen surprisingly frequently. The next time you pull out onto the highway in your car, be aware of these common causes of truck accidents.

1. Exceeding the Speed Limit

If you notice a truck speeding down the freeway, it is best to avoid it and create some distance between the truck and your vehicle. Speeding is a far more dangerous offense for truck drivers. At high speeds, the reaction time of brakes and steering means that trucks need over 50% more distance and time to stop than a passenger car.

Sudden obstacles and obstructions and high-speed blowouts can lead to loss of driver control, resulting in an accident. Accidents at high speeds have a significant chance of ending with multiple fatalities.

2. Inexperienced and Unqualified Drivers

Common Causes of Truck Accidents - Miami Truck Accident Attorney

Common Causes of Truck Accidents – Miami Truck Accident Attorney

The award of a driver’s license by the DMV means that you’ve passed an exam that qualifies you to drive a vehicle. A driver’s test includes pre-ride checks of the motor fluids, tires, gauges, and undercarriage clearance.

However, most of us tend never to complete these tests after we’ve received our license. Most of the time, the thought to check the roadworthy status of our vehicles only crosses our minds when we enter the gas station to fill up.

While a lack of pre-drive checks isn’t a crisis for most passenger cars, it’s a grave concern for trucks. Truck drivers undergo a specialized license test, and the pre-ride checks are much more extensive with trucks, for good reason. If there is a mechanical default, such as a dysfunctional brake line, the results could be disastrous on the trip.

Inexperienced or unqualified drivers can cost lives on the road. However, there are a surprising number of unqualified drivers out there collecting and hauling loads every day. Be aware and drive defensively.

3. Disobeying the Rules of the Road

Along with speeding, disobeying signs and signals on the road is another common cause of truck accidents. Trucks have much inertia. This weight in motion means that they may run traffic lights late or complete late turns because they cannot stop in time.

Be careful at intersections, and be aware of any oncoming trucks. If hit at a crossroads or traffic light, assess the situation, seek medical help if necessary, and then call our Miami personal injury lawyer for legal assistance.

4. Inadequate Vehicle Maintenance

Miami Truck Accident Lawyer - Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Miami Truck Accident Lawyer – Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Trucks require regular maintenance to remain roadworthy. Servicing a truck isn’t as simple as taking your Ford into the local workshop for an oil change. Trucks have four to five times as many safety and mechanical checks during a service interval.

Rising costs of automobile parts and gasoline mean truck companies cut corners on maintenance to remain competitive. Thousands of non-roadworthy trucks travel on roads and interstate highways every day, all with the potential to create a serious accident if not properly maintained.

5. Reckless Driving and Passing of Other Vehicles

Truck drivers keep tight travel schedules. Logistics is a cutthroat industry in a world in which consumers demand the delivery of goods in an instant. Traffic delays, other accident scenes, and unforeseen circumstances may put pressure on drivers to compensate for time lost on the road.

Reckless driving in a passenger vehicle is hazardous, but in a truck, it will end in disaster. This kind of behavior is unacceptable. Call a Miami truck accident attorney as soon as possible to file charges against the driver or logistics company involved.

6. Sufficient Sleep Deprived Drivers & Substance Abuse

Drivers in need of extra income may choose to work longer shifts. Unfortunately, some logistics companies fail to manage the wheel-time of their drivers adequately. Drivers that have not slept for extended periods are less alert and more inclined to be involved in an accident.

Some truck drivers use stimulant drugs like amphetamines to stay awake for long trips, or frequent shifts. A drug addict behind the wheel of a semi-truck or someone who is half-asleep could cost people their lives at some point.

If you’re involved in a truck accident due to driver negligence, call our Miami truck accident lawyer to ensure you receive compensation from the parties responsible.

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