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The Truck Driver Shortage Puts Everyone at Risk

The Truck Driver Shortage Puts Everyone at Risk - Miami Truck Accident Attorney

Despite the fact that truck-driving jobs can now pay well above the median household income, America has a truck driver shortage. The demand for drivers versus the supply of drivers indicates that the country needs about 51,000 more drivers. The shortage is leading to a number of issues. Too few drivers result in longer shipping times and higher costs. With the growing amount of commerce coming through online merchants such as Amazon, the declining ability to ship products via road is coinciding with a growing demand to do exactly that. The result can be delayed deliveries and higher costs. But...

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Tired Truckers Put Everyone on the Road at Risk – Miami Truck Accident Lawyer

Tired Truckers Put Everyone On The Road At Risk – Miami Truck Accident Lawyer

Miami Truck Accident Lawyer: Over-the-road commercial truckers – the drivers behind the wheels of 18-wheel tractor-trailers that haul a significant proportion of the things Americans buy daily to their destinations – often spend long hours driving considerable distances to deliver their payloads on time. A shortage of truck drivers is pushing the drivers who are on the road to the limit. Driver fatigue can be a result of long hours, insufficient sleep, and many other factors, but while truckers are under stringent federal regulations regarding how many hours a day they can drive, even those regulations let drivers go as...

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Miami Commercial Trucking Accidents Can Leave Victims with Severe Injuries

Miami Commercial Trucking Accidents - Severe Injuries - Miami Truck Accident Lawyer

Miami Truck Accident Lawyer - Commercial trucks are much, much larger and heavier than the passenger vehicles with which they share the road. In accidents that involve 18 wheels versus 4, 18 wins every time. Unfortunately, when it comes to cars and trucks, the vehicles contain people. While the occupants of large commercial trucks also get killed or injured in traffic accidents – even with cars – they do so at a far lower rate when compared to the occupants of the cars. The size disparity also contributes to both the higher number of deaths and the severity of injuries...

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4 Types of Commercial Truck Accidents

4 Types of Commercial Truck Accidents - Miami Truck Accident Lawyer

If you drive in the Miami area, you regularly drive around large commercial trucks like semis, big-rigs, and tanker trucks. These vehicles perform an essential function in our economy, hauling untold tons of goods and materials from place to place each day. Unfortunately, when they are involved in accidents, they also cause tremendous damage and serious injuries. Commercial trucks are much larger and heavier than the passenger vehicles with which they share the road. In addition, unlike the cars and trucks most of us drive, many commercial trucks are articulated, meaning that they are made up of multiple segments connected by...

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Collecting Evidence in Truck Accident Cases – Miami Truck Accident Lawyer

Collecting Evidence in Truck Accident Cases - Miami Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucks are the main method of transporting food, produce, and other large cargo shipments across state borders; this means you’ll often encounter many trucks on the highway. Unfortunately, this also means there is a high rate of truck accidents on the road, and the fatality rate of truck accidents is quite high. If you have been involved in a truck accident, it’s important that you collect and document as much of the evidence as you can. This evidence can help a Miami truck accident lawyer put together a claim for damages against the trucking company responsible for the accident. Here’s what you...

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Common Causes of Truck Accidents – Miami Truck Accident Lawyer

Common Causes of Truck Accidents - Miami Truck Accident Lawyer

A 90,000-pound semi-truck hurtling down the interstate with a full payload has tremendous force in motion. Truck accidents are typically destructive events that end in extensive property damage, potentially causing injury or death to pedestrians and passengers. If you are injured in a truck accident, contact our truck accident attorney in Miami. It is essential to retain legal representation as soon as possible to ensure the settlement of any medical bills or damages. Truck accidents occur for a variety of reasons, and they happen surprisingly frequently. The next time you pull out onto the highway in your car, be aware of these...

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A Truck Accident Can Affect Your Life – Miami Accident Attorney Explains What to Do

Truck Accident Attorney - Accident Attorney Miami

A collision is a driver’s worst nightmare, but it can be even more severe if the accident involves a truck. Large vehicles often travel at higher speeds and have heavier weights than regular cars. Therefore, the damage they can do is immense. Many people do not survive such collisions, or if they do, they may suffer from permanent disability and trauma. Their work and family life may be permanently altered as a result. Victims may have to change jobs if they become disabled following a truck accident or may be required to stop working altogether. Caring for young children and...

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