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Anesthesia Mistakes Attorney in Miami

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Anesthesia Mistakes Attorney in Miami - Miami Personal Injury Lawyers

Anesthesia Mistakes Attorney in Miami

Undergoing surgery is a scary event, and when it happens, people place their trust in surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and other medical professionals to carry them through from pre- to post-surgery without issue. However, mistakes during surgery sometimes happen, and anesthesia mistakes cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage in the medical field every year. Medical malpractice can affect you for the rest of your life, and you should consult with a Miami personal injury attorney about your case, particularly if you have been affected by the mistake of an anesthesiologist.


Medical Professionals


We put our health and lives in the hands of medical professionals, and we mistakenly believe that medical professionals are flawless. But this is not the case, and professionals in the medical industry make mistakes like people in any other job: it’s just that the consequences are much greater when mistakes are made by a nurse, surgeon, or anesthesiologist.


We place our lives in the hands of medical professionals, but our anesthesia mistakes lawyer in Miami will be there if you have been injured as a result of an anesthesia-related mistake. We all think it will never happen to us, but medical mistakes such as these are far more common than you think—they are just not commonly admitted to, and hospitals don’t always disclose such events to the patient.


Types of Anesthesia Mistakes


Anesthesia Mistakes Attorney in Miami - Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

Anesthesia Mistakes Attorney in Miami – Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

Mistakes that happen during surgery are not always because of a fault on the part of the surgeon, and it’s not always as simple as a slip of the knife. Sometimes mistakes can be attributed to the anesthesia drug or the anesthesiologist in charge of its administration. Here are just some of the mistakes that can happen.


  • Low Dosage: Sometimes, a lower dosage of anesthetic is given. This can lead to the anesthetic not working as it should—or not working at all—and the patient can be exposed to significant physical and emotional trauma.
  • Higher Dosage: When a higher dosage of anesthetic is given that is too much for the patient’s body, a range of physical problems can arise, including a near-coma, heart palpitations, and cardiac arrest.
  • Allergies: A patient can be allergic to an anesthetic, and administering the wrong one to a patient during surgery can result in serious physical complications that can last for weeks, months, or years after the surgery has taken place.
  • Other Contraindications: Administering the right anesthetic is a science, and we rely on anesthesiologists to know what they’re doing. When doctors make a mistake, medications can easily clash with an anesthetic and affect their efficacy, or it can lead to permanent damage to the patient’s organs.
  • Heart Problems: Heart and breathing problems are not uncommon when mistakes are made calculating the anesthetic dose or when the patient reacts negatively to the medication. These types of problems can plague the patient for years afterwards.
  • Breathing Complications: Breathing complications are typical when a mistake has been made by an anesthesiologist, which can prove fatal for the patient.


These complications can affect your quality of life for years, and you should be able to file a claim—most people don’t because they don’t realize they have a case. An experienced Miami anesthesia mistakes lawyer can build your case and get you the compensation that you deserve.


Symptoms Experienced


You can experience a range of symptoms as a result of a mistake that was made during surgery. These symptoms might even last for months to years after the surgery has taken place; sometimes, the effects are permanent. Just some of the symptoms that you might experience as a result of anesthetic-related mistakes include:


  • Pain: Wrongfully administered anesthetic can cause considerable pain, and it might even continue to react with the patient’s body long after the surgery has ended.
  • Organ Damage: Sometimes, the wrong anesthetic is administered to the wrong patient, which can lead to permanent organ damage, especially if their kidney, liver, or heart is sensitive to the medication to begin with.
  • Trauma: Improperly administered anesthetic could mean the patient wakes up during surgery, or they could experience considerable pain during or after their surgery.
  • Breathing Complications: Breathing complications can include asthma and sleep apnea, which involves breathing interruptions in your sleep—this is often a consequence of a poorly administered anesthetic.


Who is Responsible?


Anesthesia Mistakes Attorney in Miami - Personal Injury Lawyers

Anesthesia Mistakes Attorney in Miami – Personal Injury Lawyers

Who takes responsibility when an anesthetic-related mistake occurs? Several parties could be at fault. First, the manufacturer of the equipment that administered the anesthetic could be held responsible if liability can be proven. The medical team standing by can also be held responsible if they were negligent at the time. Sometimes, this responsibility falls on the hospital, which might have provided the wrong medication. A competent personal injury firm in Miami can help you to determine who should be held responsible for the pain and loss you have experienced as a result of someone else’s mistake.


Financial Claims


Mistakes made in hospitals can cost you thousands of dollars in surgeries and procedures to fix problems caused by the original procedure. Every hospital visit also means you are spending more time away from work, and the physical symptoms can also have a highly negative effect on the rest of your life—in extreme cases, it can even keep you from earning a living. You should be able to claim for the financial losses you have experienced as a result of a professional’s mistake, and a Miami anesthesia mistakes attorney can help you do just that when you need justice.


Hiring an Experienced Attorney


Why do you need an experienced attorney? The truth is that most people don’t realize they have a case. A professional and competent personal injury attorney in Miami can help you establish your case and help you fight in court—you deserve justice.

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