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Miami Wrongful Death Lawyers

Rights of Spouses – Florida’s Wrongful Death Law

Rights of Spouses - Miami Wrongful Death Lawyer

As compared to other states, the statues that surround a wrongful death case in the state of Florida are rather limiting in regard to who can file such a claim, and recover damages from said claim. In our statue, however, spouses of the deceased are not excluded. Spouses are granted rights when it comes to filing a lawsuit against the party who was responsible for the death of their spouse. Our Miami personal injury attorney understands the heartache and hardships that arise when dealing with the passing of a spouse; especially when the person’s death was the result of someone else’s...

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Can You Sue for Wrongful Death? Miami Wrongful Death Lawyer Explains.

Miami Wrongful Death Lawyer - Can You Sue for Wrongful Death

Nothing can truly replace the loss of a loved one. When a family member dies suddenly, and if that death is caused by another party, the person or company responsible should provide the survivors with some compensation. This compensation is for the loss of financial and emotional support that was once provided by the deceased. Families are often bereft of something tangible after the death of a loved one, in addition to the huge emotional toll the event takes on the family. A Miami wrongful death lawyer can help you secure the right compensation so life can be bearable again. What...

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